Teleperformance Union Alliance’s demands for due diligence are making headlines

Posted on November 9, 2018 in Story 66 view


The UNI-backed Teleperformance Union Alliance’s calls for the contact center giant to respect human rights are making waves. Leading French corporate social responsibility journal AEF recently published an article describing the enormous compliance risks that Teleperformance faces and the company’s lack of action.

“It is one of the most exposed French companies, being present in countries at risk for human rights violations, especially since it is not a chain of suppliers but employees directly,” Benjamin Parton, Campaign Director at UNI Global Union told AEF.

“We tried to ask the company to be part of the process of developing a due diligence plan, but we were not yet consulted even though we are considered stakeholders. It also did not contact representative unions in France on the warning mechanism.”

The eleven-country union alliance has sent Teleperformance a letter to remind the company of its obligations under France’s due diligence law, and it has launched a series of online actions.

“The alliance will continue to act and continue to press our demands until Teleperformance does all that is necessary to ensure that human rights are not being violated in its call centers,” Parton says.

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