Somaport terminal workers in Casablanca demand union rights

Posted on July 27, 2018 in Story 354 view

About the campaign

There is an ongoing dispute between Somaport terminal workers at the Port of Casablanca and CMA-CGM management.

Continued attacks on the trade union work were reported as the CMA-CGM local management tried to impose incapacitating ways of organising work that do not comply with the terms of the collective agreement and professional norms.

The general secretary of the UMT port workers’ union Said Elhairech has been sacked and called ‘a nuisance’ by management. 

Intimidating union members through suspension or dismissal is considered a breach of Moroccan Labour law and a violation of the legitimate rights of workers.

Accordingly, the ITF and its affiliated union Syndicat National des Travailleurs des ports/UMT Maroc is calling on all affiliates to show their solidarity with Somaport workers.

How you can help support Somaport terminal workers?

1. Click here to send a letter of solidarity support to the union.

2. Share the story on social media and help draw the world’s attention to their campaign. Tweet at the company @CMACGM and use hashtags #solidaritywithsomaport #ITFdockers

Stay up to date on ITF Facebook ITFglobal and ITF Arab World and on twitter @ITFglobalunion @ITFArabWorld

3. Sign up to the solidarity network to receive updates on this campaign and others

4. Send a letter of protest to CMA-CGM via the Labour Start e-campaign in support of Said and his brothers and sisters in Morocco. 


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