Recognition of skills and labour mobility in ASEAN

Posted on November 9, 2018 in Story 40 view

In May 2010, a joint ASEAN, Australia, and New Zealand task force developed ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) as the mechanism to benchmark national qualifications frameworks into mutually comparable regional standards. Eight levels of competencies were designed under the framework and these competencies have been agreed among all ASEAN Member States. The AQRF is voluntary. It consists of two labour mobility tools: Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs), which facilitate the mobility of skilled professionals in ASEAN (higher levels of the AQRF); and Mutual Recognition of Skills (MRS), which focuses on technical/vocational skills (AQRF level 1-4). To implement the tool on MRS, the ILO has collaborated with the ASEAN Member States (AMS) in developing the policy outcomes (e.g. action plans) and assisting them in addressing mutual skills recognition nationally and regionally in selected occupations.


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