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President Trump: Stop Punishing People Seeking Asylum

President Trump: Stop Punishing People Seeking Asylum
Washington, Washington, US
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Right now, children who have been separated from their families are being held in tents and massive warehouses at the border between the US and Mexico, after having to flee danger in their home countries.

Although US President Trump signed an executive order to stop separating children from their families when arrested for irregularly crossing the US–Mexico border, the government has said it may continue separating families in other circumstances.

Thousands of families have already been separated, and the US government has not announced any plans to reunite them. Some parents and family members who were separated from their children face being deported back to countries where their lives may be at risk – and where they will have to live not knowing if they will see their children again.

President Trump’s executive order also directed US authorities to detain asylum-seeking families, potentially for months or years, while they wait for decisions on their asylum claims. The US government is using this abusive system as a tactic to deter asylum claims.

More and more, people are resisting this cruel treatment – there have been protests, and momentum is growing across the USA and the world. But the fight isn’t over.

Send an email to the President of the USA, Donald Trump  and demand that the US government stops locking up asylum seekers, and re-unite separated families.  

June 29, 2018
Letter to
President of the United States, Donald Trump
I urge you to immediately end the cruel and unnecessary practice of separating families seeking asylum at the U.S. southern border.The U.S. government is deliberately acting to separate children from their parents or legal guardians. This practice damages families, traumatizes children and adults, and undermines their right to seek asylum from persecution and other ill-treatment. Separating children from their parents as they seek asylum is a flagrant violation of the human rights of the parents and their children and is also a violation of U.S. obligations under refugee law.I call on you to urgently ensure the following:1. Reunify, as quickly as possible, those families that have been separated.2. Halt the forced separation of children from their parents or guardians. Family units must be kept together in accordance with international standards on family unity.3. End the practice of detaining families seeking asylum.4. Immediately release together parents and children in detention. Entire families have been devastated by these unnecessary and cruel actions.Families deserve to be together as they seek asylum here in the U.S. – parents are seeking safety for their families, just as any of us would do.Sincerely,


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