FAECYS & UNI Americas condemn jobs losses at Walmart in Argentina

Posted on August 31, 2018 in Story 357 view


Without warning, the Walmart store in the DOT Shopping Mall in Buenos Aires, closed down, leaving 100 workers out on the  street. 

The company forced the workers to accept voluntary redundancy, even though this was for less than required under Argentinian law.  

At the same time, the company is selling some of its smaller stores to the Dia supermarket chain without any consideration given to the workers employed by the US multinational.

Whilst meetings are being held in the presence of union representatives at the Ministry of Labour, employees at Walmart, backed by their union, remain on the alert.

FAECYS, the Argentinian Federation of Commerce and Services workers, together with UNI Americas, condemn the decision to close the store without listening to the voice of the trade union movement and have appealed to the Ministry of Labour to intervene. The Macri government should take responsibility for the austerity policies it has introduced and which have a direct impact on consumption and on the lives of workers.


UNI Americas
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