Bilateral Agreement on Circular Migration between Canada and Mauritius – Placement in Canada

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Mauritius has the opportunity to capitalise on migration as a tool for social development and economic growth. 

Mauritius became a member of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in 2006 with a view to getting the assistance of the organization for Labour Migration. Consequently, as from 2007, IOM has been assisting the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training (MLIRET) in facilitating the placement of Mauritian jobseekers in Canada. 

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) works in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training in relation to Circular Migration. Till now, 489 Mauritians have secured employment in Canada. Induction courses are organized by IOM for Mauritians who have been selected to work in Canada. Pre-departure exercises are also put in place.

Main aim:

The main aim is to facilitate implementation of circular migration with Canada.

The Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training (MLIRET) was involved in the dissemination of vacancies in all 13 Employment Information Centres across the island and through the TV Programme “Magazine de l’Emploi et des Metiers”, screening of applications and shortlisting of candidates, the organization and conduct of pre-selection interviews, and assisting IOM and employers for final selection
The labour migration project implemented with Canada was with food companies which recruited Mauritian workers in  pork plants, production workers in Pork, bacon and bakery plants, production workers in beef plant.  This was followed by workers employed in the cleaning sector. It is to be highlighted that Trilateral agreements were signed between the Ministry of Labour, International Relations, Employment and Training (MLIRET), the IOM and the respective companies highlighting each party’s responsibilities for the implementation of the project.

Success factors:

As at date, a total of 489 Mauritian nationals have been placed in employment in companies in Canada operating in sectors like:

  1. Food Processing
  2. Cleaning Services
  3. Hair Stylists
  4. Sales and Service
  5. Welding and Repairs
  6. Mechanics/ Transport

Constraints and challenges:

The main challenge in recruiting Mauritian Hairstylists to work in Canada is the prerequisites needed for the ‘Test d’Évaluation de Français’ (TEF).


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