ASETUC Youth Summit: The voice of a new generation of trade unionists

Posted on August 22, 2018 in Story 343 view

The Summit’s three-day interactive programme gave young members the opportunity to discuss issues such as trade union rights, climate change, child labour, privatization, digital economy and industry/sectoral challenges, tax and trade justice, gender and LGBTI.  

In his opening remarks, Datuk Mohamed Shafie BP Mammal, ASETUC General Secretary, welcomed the enthusiastic participation from the three global unions. He said the Youth Summit provided opportunities for all young members in ASEAN to promote trade union solidarity, and to encourage more young people to become active trade unionists. 


The keynote speaker in the Summit, Dir. Benjo Santos M.Benavidez, DOLE – BLR Director, addressed the young people in the region, saying they must be ready for the challenges ahead, gain knowledge in the future of work and prepare to become the union leaders of the future. 


The Regional Secretaries of the three global unions took an active part in the summit. Ms Kate Lappin, PSI Asia Pacific Regional Secretary, facilitated the discusssions on trade and tax justice, while Mr Christopher Ng, UNI Apro Regional Secretary and Mr Apolinar Tolentino, BWI APRO Regional Secretary were panellists in the discussion on digitalization, future of work and precarious work. 


Mr Ian Mariano, PSI Southeast Asia Sub-regional Secretary used a puzzle quiz as a novel method to introduce the work of the Global Unions.


The Youth Summit was held in parallel with the International Youth Day 2018. PSI affiliates at the summit expressed the IYD 2018 slogan  “Violence is Not part of the job”. All participants of IYD 2018 were united under the spirit of “Solidarity Foverer!”  young workers, unions, power!


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